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In Indonesia, educating child brides remains a tough challenge

A groundbreaking report by UNICEF and the Indonesian government found that girls marrying before the age of 18 were at least six times less likely to complete senior secondary education compared to their unmarried peers. SUMENEP REGENCY, Indonesia: Every morning, Dewi Khalifah greets students at the Islamic boarding school she runs, as they make their...


Secondary School Enrolment for Girls

Data on secondary school enrolment for girls. This rate has included data for junior and senior secondary school, and inclusive to all types of school – SMA, SMK, Aliyah, SMP, MTS, SMPLB, and SMALB.   Province Precentage Aceh 81.1% Sumatera Utara 78.1% Sumatera Barat 81.3% Riau 76.1% Jambi 75.7% Sumatera Selatan 73.2% Bengkulu 77.4% Lampung...